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MovieTrailersArea.org features the trailers of all new movies and tv shows with links to where you can watch full length putlocker movies or even new movie releases. its not just new movies and tv shows, but even old movies from 1980's that you may have a spot for in your heart.
theres a bunch of links so youre bound to find one with something you like!
it has a heaps of netflix and amazon prime, foxtel, etc tv shows and definitely worth checking it out.
Movie Trailers Area has over 200+ TV Shows and once again, you guessed it, it also shows you where to watch the entire seasons of the TV shows. its a pretty amazing website to have everything all in one.
After watching the movie trailers, it also has a link down the bottom to watch the full movie, but ofcourse only for research purposes or to see if you like it(you should always buy and support the creators) and want to buy the movie from a store.
so all in all, a great place to watch putlocker movies, new movies, and a tonne of tv shows that you may fancy. enjoy it all, all for, FREE!